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In Japan there are more than 75 million cars with license plates. And, according to the Department of Immigration, there are an average of 3 million resident aliens. Just for Latinos, the number is approximately 350,000, with an average of 280,000 being qualified and a good part of these do not fit the profile of Japanese finance companies, therefore, they acquire a vehicle through direct financing through shopkeepers.

With that in mind, we developed a system that serves both car dealers and car dealerships, as well as customers.

Advantages of the EAGLE system

We know that the default rate has increased in recent years due to several reasons.

You can rest assured, as it will eliminate the risk of loss related to default. And the customer, on the other hand, is obliged to honor the commitment made to you.

And in the event of a breach of contract, you will be able to recover the vehicle, as you will know its exact location, so it will be possible to recover it. Also in case the customer changes address without prior notice, you will be able to track, block the vehicle and even recover it if necessary.

We have the solution to your problems. Don't suffer from default.

The best way to maximize your direct sales without running the risk of incurring losses.

A perfect solution for your business, with a low cost and high profitability.

Where can be installed?

Features of Eagle GPS System

The best solution for your problems

Tracking and Blocking

You have the autonomy to track and block the vehicle without payment.

Vehicle Recovery

You can go to the location where the vehicle is and retrieve it.

Fleet management

Manage your entire fleet through the system.

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